Tyler Davis

Tyler Davis, Operations Product Specialist

“BenefitMall is very much a family. Over the last two  years, they have become some of my closest friends, and I actually look forward to going into work every day. Being a part of this family means that I know that every day is going to bring something different and allow me to do the one thing that I love the most, which that is helping people. I love the ability to challenge myself on a daily basis and continue to grow not only as a person, but in my payroll knowledge as well.”



Josie Wheeler

Josie Wheeler, Senior Corporate Accountant

“I would describe BenefitMall as welcoming, comfortable, inclusive, and respectful. The respect I receive from management and the level of ownership and trust they give me to do my job is amazing. Company group activities like barbeque cook-offs, ice cream socials, and other field trip events keep work fun and exciting while encouraging social participation and a family atmosphere. I feel like I am truly a part of a family and the knowledge and experience I bring to the company is truly appreciated.”




Alvin Sims

Alvin Sims, Sales Manager, Consumer Products Division

“What I love most about BenefitMall is that we are unique, hands down. No one comes close to what we offer anywhere. We have an incredible established brand and I'm so honored to be such a small part of such a fantastic company. The company structure and culture totally tries to do what is best for the agents under our umbrella. This company also affords those of us in lower positions to promote up from within and I'm living proof of that. I'm living a dream, honestly.”




Andrew Davis

Andrew Davis, Senior Media Specialist

“Here at BenefitMall, the work is fun and you are always working on something new, but my coworkers and leaders are the #1 reason for being here. They take time to listen to what I want out of my career, and then put me on a path to get there. I believe that they care about my career as much as they care about their own. The people at BenefitMall are fun to be around, and are real, down to earth people. They understand your professional life, and understand and respect that you have a personal one as well.”




Becky Morse

Becky Morse, Operations Manager

“One of the greatest things about our organization is our shared commitment to provide our clients with Effortless Service. Everything we do is geared towards enhancing the client experience, and I get to directly contribute to those enhancements on a daily basis. Our culture is one of teamwork, respect, support of common goals and personal accountability.  I consider myself fortunate to work with a group of people who I genuinely care about, and who genuinely care about me. It is motivating to be a part of such an energetic company!”



DianeDiane Baker-Wolford, New Business Analyst

“Benefitmall’s culture is great when it comes to honoring our vision, values, and principles. The people I work with are like my second family and we have experienced some life changing events together, which has brought us closer than ever. My greatest enjoyment comes from the community involvement, healthy living engaged events, and appreciation for the employees. I feel honored to be a part of such a caring company.”